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Lyttleton, 93 Holtom Street

Lyttleton was built in 1890 by Arthur Kirkbridge for his own occupation. It is a single storey Victorian terrace with very elaborate plasterwork both inside and out. The original parapet to this residence is particularly elaborate and unusual. The top of the pediment was apparently removed in the 1960’s or 1970’s when it became unstable due to rust in the supporting lintels. The residence was featured in a 1970s This residence is individually listed it the Heritage Overlay HO329.

The proposed works for funding involved reinstatement of the decoration and pediment to the top of the parapet. There were historical photographs provided with the application that ensured the Committee that the reconstruction could be undertaken accurately.

The reinstatement works used traditional plastering methods, however the replacement lintel is stainless steel rather than wrought iron as was the original. This is common practice for render repairs as the stainless steel acts the same as the iron, will not be visible and is not subject to rust like the iron, which would have been a major cause of the previous parapet deterioration and failure.

In August 2021 the VHRF Committee of Management agreed to offer a grant of $12,000 reinstatement of the top parapet decoration and pediment.

Artisan Restorations, with Simon and David Nygaard undertook the reconstruction work, which was completed in February 2023.

The reconstruction work returns this significant terrace to its original glory and greatly improves its contribution to the heritage streetscape. The methodology of work has also ensured that the parapet is protected into the future.