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91 McCracken Street

This property contains a bi-chrome brick Victorian residence with an early terracotta tiled verandah.
The proposed works for funding involved removal of the existing terracotta verandah floor tiles and relaying of a slab underneath and then re-laying of the tiles. The tiles are rare intact examples of an early type of verandah tiling. Some of the tiles required replacement but most of the tiles were intact. It was necessary to re-lay the substrate as it was uneven and causing the damage and deterioration of the remaining tiles.
In April 2022, the VHRF Committee of Management agreed to offer a grant of $3,000 towards restoration of the original terracotta verandah tiles on the condition that the existing tiles are re-laid and replacements only provided where absolutely necessary.
The project was completed in August 2022 with the original tiles in good condition, retained and re-laid and compatible replacement tiles placed at either end so that the patina of the tiled floor has been retained. The re-laid substrate also means this tile floor will survive for many more years into the future to continue to demonstrate this early tile paving type.