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550-552 Queensberry Street

This is a two storey Victorian commercial building with a residence on the first floor. The shop front has been altered a number of times, however the upper storey façade and parapet is intact and demonstrates a high standard of rendered detailing. This shop is in a row of shops, all with impressive and intact upper storey facades and parapets. The original verandah to this building was reconstructed with assistance from the VHRF in 2018. This is a contributory property in the North and West Melbourne Heritage Precinct.

The proposed suite of works for the grant application involved restoration of the upper façade and parapet including paint removal, render repairs and re-pointing of brickwork. It was considered that removal of the paint from this façade and the parapet repairs would have a high impact on the streetscape and return the upper façade of this building to its original appearance.

In August 2021, the VHRF Committee of Management agreed to offer a grant of $20,000 towards façade conservation works including paint removal, render repairs and brick pointing.

Abode Restoration undertook the work and a works methodology was submitted prior to the works commencing to confirm that conservation processes would be used. This included painting he rendered areas in a mineral paint that protects the render but also allows it to breathe.

The works have greatly improved the contribution this building makes to the streetscape and returns it to an earlier appearance which highlights its original features. The upper façade has been returned to its former glory.