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417 Ligar Street

This is an impressive Victorian brick residence with an unusual recessed arched entrance.
The proposed works for funding involved restoration of the two chimneys, which are prominent original features of the residence. The chimneys were in poor repair and required some mortar repair work and replacement as the mortar joints were visibly deteriorated and causing bricks to dislodge. A scaffold was required to restore the chimneys, making the project more expensive to undertake. The quotes provided for the chimney restoration works both outlined use of a lime based mortar for the joint repairs/repointing.
In September 2022, the VHRF Committee of Management agreed to offer a grant of $3,000 towards restoration of the two front chimneys using a lime based mortar. The works were completed in 2022 and have stabilised the chimneys and improved the appearance of the building as viewed from the street.